What is SEM - Definition

SEM (Search Engine Marketing) - Digital marketing strategy promoting a website in paid and free search results for specific sets of keywords. SEM consists of two main activities: SEO (Search Engine Optimization), which influences organic search results, and PPC (Pay Per Click) paid advertising activities like Google Ads.

what is and what does SEM Search Engine Marketing mean
What is SEM - Definition

What is the difference between SEO and a PPC campaign?

SEO - By positioning a website for a year on a set of 20 keywords, your website can rank for hundreds or even thousands of other keywords after this time. After finishing work, the effects of positioning will still be visible for at least several months, and in the case of low-competitive industries, even several years. The downside is that for the website to be high in the search results, you must put in a lot of work for a significant time, during which the website will not generate any profits, or they will very little.

PPC - In the case of pay-per-click advertising, when we launch a well-configured campaign, we are immediately visible at the top for a given set of keywords. Still, unfortunately, when the budget runs out, the ad disappears. In the case of sponsored links in search results, the cost per click depends on the auction, which considers competitors' rates. It may range from several cents to several dozen or several hundred dollars.